Our Ministers



Revs. David and Deborah 

Together, David and Deborah have created a ministry  which supports our explorations of the crucial questions which have  become so important today and in discovering answers which aid us in our  personal evolutions.

David and Deborah bring a  wide range of experiences into their ministry; a tradition of excellence  in New Thought Spiritual music and speaking. They offer a  transformative message that is relevant to the times in which we live,  and based on the timeless teachings of the world's great spiritual  leaders and mystics.

You deserve ALL G00D

Dear Loved Ones,

We hope this finds you happy and healthy!

Recently we found ourselves in a group  discussing the words we commonly use for God, talking about such words  as Love, Life, Source, Holy Spirit, One Power, One Presence, and Light.  We laughed at ourselves for the time period in our lives when we were  turned off by certain words, which brought to mind learned ideas of God.  We are such odd creatures, are we not, with our associations between  words and interpretations? If we truly believe God is all there is, then  there is nothing, no thing, no word, which is not of God. This is  actually very comforting. The idea that whatever word we encounter,  whatever interpretation we place upon it, it's of God. So as we place  the shadow side into the Light, we can ‘see' Good, for we can see God,  for ourselves and others. The intricate operations and designs of Life  are magnificent. There are times when we struggle to see magnificence at  work in our lives. These are the times when we must reach out to  others. Remembering that everyone likes to feel needed, useful, and  helpful, makes it easier to put our ego aside and ask for assistance.  May God bless you as you walk this path enjoying the shadows as they  dance in your Light!

And…May you always realize:

Love and Light,
        David and Deborah


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