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Center For Spiritual Living
Daytona Beach


Rev. David Stork &
Rev. Deborah Bevilacqua-Stork
Spiritual Leaders


Join Us for an inspiring Celebration of Life and Love
Sunday Mornings @ 10:30 am

1301 Beville Rd., Suite 19
Daytona Beach, FL 32119
phone 386-672-6382


Come experience:

  • An Uplifting Message
  • Prayer & Meditation
  • Inspiring Music
  • Empowering Classes

We transform lives by sharing Science of Mind principles.

Our Spiritual Community inspires the emergence of Oneness.


Time Honored Principles

We present these time-honored principles with a new perspective, making every lesson relevant and meaningful to everyday life. We use modern language, clear examples, and current technology to enhance the learning experience. Our teaching methods are aimed at facilitating the adult learner in consciousness development and the awakening of the ultimate personal potential.




A Loving, Inclusive Spiritual Center

We are a loving, inclusive
Spiritual Center
embracing and celebrating
the Global Heart as
Oneness of Life by living and
sharing the principles of
Science of Mind
and Spirit
with our community.








Spiritual Classes


(three hour class)
Quickstart can be taken as an introduction to the principles taught in Science of Mind and Spirit, for membership at Center for Spiritual Living, or as a means to propel your own spiritual journey more fully. Come join the FUN!

(ten week class) 
Profound concepts and teachings, along with experiential exercises, tools for everyday miracles, spiritual readings, class dialogue, and experiments in “the lab of your life,” will all combine to create the launch pad for your journey into a life beyond limits…into the greatness of you.

(eight week class)
You will learn a variety of ways to meditate. Meditation is one of the most important methods of stress reduction, and therefore, one of the best gifts you can give to yourself. Some recent studies suggest meditation can actually train the mind and reshape the brain into patterns that increase one's experience of joy, peace, and love.

Join us for an Inspiring Class

(ten week class)
This class explores the fundamental philosophies of Science 
of Mind through the writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson, 
Thomas Troward, and Emma Curtis Hopkins.

(four week class)
Based on the book Spiritual Economics
by Eric Butterworth, this four-week class is designed to
enhance a life and consciousness of abundance!

(six week class)
Based on the book Creative Mind and Success
by Ernest Holmes
Ernest Holmes says, "We need only clear our minds of unbelief and know that 'it is done unto us as we believe.' In the spirit, we can think thoughts of success and success will follow as surely as day follows night, for our thought will not return unto us void. 'It is the Father's good pleasure to give us the kingdom.' We need only accept it."
"We recognize that within ourselves is the Power to produce success or failure. Fear brings failure; faith brings success. It's just that simple."

(eight week class)
Consciousness plays an important role in the healing process. This class affords an opportunity to formulate new ideas about your relationship with your body. Our study will use the Science Of Mind text, The Bible, Healing Words by Larry Dossey, M.D. and Healing and the Mind by Bill Moyers. Join us to increase awareness of the mind/body connection.

(ten week class)
A comprehensive, enlightening, and thought provoking study of the writings of Ernest Holmes, the founder of Science of Mind. Expect lively discussions and abundant opportunities for personal growth!!

(eight week class)
This Eight-week experiential course teaches the fundamentals of prayer.  Learn WHY life-affirming prayer is answered and HOW it is answered.  Enhance your spiritual quest and shift your life’s challenges into joyful experiences.  Learn how you may limit and interrupt your own prayers and how to pray effectively. 

(ten week class)
Under the guidance of Mary Manin Morrisey

A Ten-week Experiment in More Abundant Living

  • Learn a proven method to access new financial energy and resourses
  • Attract more abundance, effortlessly!
  • Discover available wealth that you don't even know you have
  • Release your financial blocks and embrace a life of more ease and flow
  • Uncover your hidden assets and create the life of your dreams

    Class Materials only $55.00 for workbooks and audio CDs

Emergence of the True Self
(eight week class)

We take command of the ego self, gradually, patiently, consciously correcting its limited beliefs and attitudes to bring them into alignment with the universal principles by which the True Self lives.

  We begin to venture beyond the walls of the ego self into the freedom of living in steady awareness that the Spirit within is our True Self. Deepening and strengthening of this awareness brings growing mastery in the art of living.


Our classes contain a unique blend of New Thought and Ancient Wisdom. Founded on the philosophies and principles of the greatest teachers of all time, our classes offer a wealth of traditional wisdom that has passed the test of time, yet remains applicable to our modern age. We combine these teachings with cutting edge scientific discoveries that validate the historic wisdom and present amazing insight into spirituality.



A mid-week refresher...



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