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Center For Spiritual Living
Daytona Beach


Rev. David Stork &
Rev. Deborah Bevilacqua-Stork
Spiritual Leaders


Join Us for an inspiring Celebration of
Life and Love
Sunday Mornings @ 10:30 am


1301 Beville Rd.,
Suite 19

Daytona Beach, FL 32119

phone: 386-672-6382


Come experience:

  • An Uplifting Message
  • Prayer & Meditation
  • Inspiring Music
  • Empowering Classes

We transform lives by sharing Science of Mind principles.

Our Spiritual Community inspires the emergence of Oneness.



Our Calendar of Events


Sunday Gatherings: 10:30am




Choir rehearsal will be the Wednesday before the third Sunday, each month,
from 5:30 – 6:30 P.M. Anyone wishing to sing with us,
please plan to attend the rehearsal,
as well as coming at 9:45 A.M. to practice Sunday morning.
We appreciate the inspirational music the choir provides. Thank you to those choir members who lovingly and willingly share their time and talent with us!
We encourage anyone who likes to sing to come join us!

Bring your favorite dish and share food, friends, and laughter on the first Sunday
of every month. Dessert and drinks are provided by Center for Spiritual Living!

The Center has received several tithes for unexpected income!
Spirit is clearly flowing through us,
and it is a pleasure to return to our Spiritual Source
in an attitude of thanksgiving!

Each person that enters our door is a gift to us, a blessing to us,
an individual expression of God in the world, intended for us.
Each person that exits our door is a gift to the world,
a blessing to the world, an individual expression of God,
demonstrating to the world all the infinite good,
love, health, wealth, abundance in all forms.
Thank You, God!!

“Treatment is the art, the act, and the science of consciously inducing thought
within the Universal Subjectivity, for the purpose of demonstrating that we are surrounded by a Creative Medium which responds to us through a law of correspondence. In its more simple meaning, treatment is the time, process and method necessary to the changing of our thought. Treatment is clearing the thought of negation, of doubt and fear, and causing it to perceive the
ever-presence of God.”
(Ernest Holmes, Science of Mind)
Treatment is affirmative prayer which operates to the degree of ones conviction.

Let's take a moment to reflect upon the flow of eternal abundance.
Source is flowing in the life of each one of us, as well as the life of our Center.
Abundance is equally present in all people, places, and things in our community,
state, country, world, and universe. Thank you, Spirit!


A Loving, Inclusive
Spiritual Center

We are a loving, inclusive
Spiritual Center
embracing and celebrating
the Global Heart as
Oneness of Life by living and sharing the principles of Science of Mind
and Spirit
with our community.

-----------------------------Rev. Dr. Ernest Holmes

“It is a discovery of the self that makes living possible. The man who knows that the eternal reaches of time and space are his will not worry. Neither will he have a sense of loss if something which he possesses today leaves him. Nor will there be any dismay as he walks down the avenues of life.” ~ Ernest Holmes











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